Marketplace Decentralized

built on blockchain

The world’s first online marketplace built on the blockchain for better security, transparency, and decentralized governance.

Unlimited Potential


Secure Transactions

Blockchain technology ensures that transactions are secure, transparent, and immutable. This means that buyers and sellers can trust that their transactions will be completed without interference from third parties, and that records of those transactions will be stored permanently and securely.


Lower Fees

Decentralized model allows us to reduce the fees that buyers and sellers would typically incur on traditional e-commerce platforms. With lower fees, more funds can be allocated to the development and growth of the platform, benefitting both investors and users.


Decentralized Governance

Governance system is decentralized, meaning that all stakeholders have a say in the direction and development of the platform. Token holders can participate in the decision-making process and propose changes to the platform's features and policies.


Rewards Program

Rewards program incentivizes users to participate in the platform's growth by offering rewards for completing specific tasks or milestones. This encourages active engagement from users and promotes a healthy ecosystem.



Blockchain technology provides complete transparency, giving users the ability to view all transactions and records. This transparency promotes trust between users and creates a more honest and trustworthy marketplace.

How it Works


Learn how Pushd's decentralized platform provides a secure and transparent marketplace for buyers and sellers.



Buyers and sellers sign up for Pushd and create a profile.


List products

Sellers list their products or services for sale on the Pushd platform.


Browse listing

Browse the listings and make purchases using Pushd Buyers tokens.


Complete transaction

Pushd's blockchain technology securely records the transaction after completion and distributes the tokens to the seller's account.

The Power of Pushd Token

Token utility

Access to Platform

Pushd tokens are the native cryptocurrency used within the Pushd platform. By holding Pushd tokens, users gain access to the platform's features and can participate in the buying and selling of goods and services.

Lower Fees

Pushd tokens can be used to pay for transaction fees within the platform, with a lower fee rate for users who hold and use Pushd tokens.

Voting Rights

Pushd tokens give users voting rights within the platform's decentralized governance system, allowing them to participate in decision-making and help shape the direction of the platform.

Rewards Program

Pushd tokens can be earned through the platform's rewards program, incentivizing users to engage with the platform and contribute to its growth.

Get Exclusive Benefits

Presale Perks

As a Presale Participant, you'll get exclusive benefits that are not available to other users.

Early Access

You will get early access to the Pushd platform before it is open to the public, giving them a head start on buying and selling.

Discounted Tokens

You will have the opportunity to purchase Pushd tokens at a discounted rate, providing an opportunity for early investors to benefit from the platform's growth.

Priority Support

You will receive priority support from the Pushd team, ensuring that any questions or issues are addressed promptly.

Insider Updates

You will receive exclusive updates and insights into the development of the Pushd platform, providing valuable information for investors and enthusiasts.

Participate in marketplace revolution

Become AN early adopter

To participate in the presale and gain access to these exclusive benefits, simply fill out the form on our website and our team will be in touch with further instructions. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be an early adopter of the Pushd platform and benefit from its growth potential.

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Stage One

  • Website Deployment
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Launch Presale
  • Marketing Campaign Level One

Stage Two

  • Launch On Multiple Listing Sites
  • VIP Account Holders Meeting
  • Alpha Testing Of Marketplace
  • Launch Staking Protocol

Stage Three 

  • Marketplace Live
  • Open Market Trading
  • Multiple Tier One CEX Listings
  • Bug Bounty Programme
  • Advertisers & Sponsors


Presale Perks

Supply  250,000,000





Exchange Listings


Staking Rewards


Team Tokens


Partners & Advisors






Frequently Asked Questions

What Payment Methods Can I Use To Purchase PUSHD Tokens?

We accept a range of crypto currencies all of which you can find on our presale website here

What Network Is Pushd Built On?

Pushd is built on the Ethereum Network.

What Is The Contract Address?


Has the contract been audited?

Yes, you can find the audit report here

What Is The Total Supply?

The total supply is 250,000,000. There will never be more than this amount.

What Exchanges Will Pushd List On?

We will launch on Uniswap 48 hours after the presale concludes. We will also be listing on a Tier One Exchange.

How Many Stages Of Presales Will There Be?

There will be seven stages to the presale.

When Will I Receive My PUSHD Tokens?

You will receive your tokens as an airdrop at the conclusion of the presale period. This means you won’t need to pay any fees to claim your tokens.

Will The Liquidity Be Locked?

To prevent any possibility of a rug pull, team tokens will be locked for 700 days, liquidity will be locked for 20 years.

What Interest Will I Earn From Staking?

Depending on the number of tokens you hold and stake, Interest earned will range from between 7% to 17%.

Will You Have A Burn Programme?

In the unlikely event that any unsold tokens are left over from the presale these will be burned. We will also be burning tokens every 3 months for the first 3 years.